The first step of our build process begins with a meeting of the minds at the whiteboard. It is there where every team member has a say in deciding what is going to roll off the line next. With so many variations of the iconic Defender, it is important to work in a collaborative effort to ensure that each HIMALAYA is a true one-off vehicle. Quality control is observed during every step of the process by our team of dedicated professionals.



We begin each build with a custom-made chassis. All of our chassis come from our partner in the UK, whom we are the sole distributor for in the US. For each vehicle we build, the chassis is custom-made to our exact specifications. The galvanized chassis is prepped with wash primer, epoxy primer and then painted in Hot Rod Black urethane paint for a clean, rust free chassis.  Custom mounts, truss, and brackets are fabricated to support the drivetrain and upgraded suspension systems. Top of the line brake components are used to enhance safety. 



An engine is the heart of a vehicle and serves as the basis of its identity. Whether it’s an LS3 Corvette engine pushing 525 horsepower, supercharged LS9, Cummins diesel, or traditional Land Rover motor – the engine we choose will be in sync with the heartbeat of speed junkies, off-roaders, and Land Rover enthusiasts alike.




Once the rolling chassis is fit with the engine, transmission, suspension and brakes, we then begin the paint process. Each part of the vehicle comes from our warehouse and is prepped and painted individually and off-the-vehicle. Everything from mixing the formula, thinner, air pressure, temperature, to the low country humidity is carefully calculated. This meticulous process and attention to detail, along with our world-class paint departament is what gives each HIMALAYA a superior finish that is a cut above anything else on the road.


Fit & Finish:

Our team of professional technicians then assembles the truck by carefully piecing together the body panels, wings, tub, bonnet, windows, and roof with the utmost care and expertise. We make certain that every piece is carefully assembled, aligned, and sealed for a custom fit to reduce leaks and road noise.



 Interior Finishing:

Next we install the interior using the highest quality leather, stitching and design. Custom leather seats with matching dash and door cards are installed and headliners are carefully measured and fit in-house. Each vehicle has a state of the art audio system with components and technology of the highest quality that is specifically designed for the acoustic capacity of the cabin.



Final Evaluation:

The final step is extensive road testing. Every technician puts the vehicles through rigorous testing to guarantee the safety, reliability and performance of every component until all safety parameters are checked off. This is perhaps the most crucial step of the entire process as we must have full confidence in each vehicle that bears the HIMALAYA name before it leaves our facility.

The end result of our build process is a level of luxury and performance that brings the Defender into the 21st century. HIMALAYA’s modern interpretation of Land Rover’s iconic design stays true to the Defender’s humble origins while redefining what it means to drive a Defender.