A HIMALAYA is far more than just a redefined Defender, a HIMALAYA is our take on a modern Defender.  Built from the ground up at our facility in South Carolina, these vehicles are fitted with a modern engine, transmission and drivetrain.  Each HIMALAYA has fully custom suspension and brakes tuned not only for the body style and engine platform but also for the intended use of the vehicle. 

HIMALAYA is the ultimate Defender built for the modern era.  Our customers are true Land Rover enthusiasts who cherish the iconic design, but desire updated aesthetics, interior refinement, higher performance and modern amenities for daily driving. With limited production, owning a HIMALAYA is a true privilege.

We offer several different levels of build, each tailored specifically around our customers driving style and intended use for the vehicle. We offer a variety of engine options including the GM Vortec engine, LS3 and the LT4 on our new high performance platform.  As for diesel options the Cummins R2.8 is an outstanding modern diesel option and a team favorite.

Our 2020 high performance drivetrain platform will included the powerful GM LT4 engine paired with Dynatrac axles, Brembo brakes and a custom coil-over suspension setup designed in house by our team in SC.

The all-new LT4 direct injected, supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine is rated at 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque! More than raw power, the LT4 delivers exceptional capability in a more efficient package, making it one of the most compact high horsepower automotive engines in the world... all that paired with an 8 speed automatic transmission.

“Its tremendous low-end torque, enabled by a more efficient supercharger, maximizes responsiveness for a driving experience that is on par with the world’s most exotic supercars – with impeccable manners that make it suitable for daily driving.” - Jordan Lee, Chief Engineer and program manager for GM.

To properly handle the additional horsepower produced by the LT4, we have moved away from the traditional Land Rover drivetrain setup. Over the past year our team has worked closely with Dynatrac and Brembo to properly design a setup specifically engineered to handle the impressive amount of power churned by the LT4. Bringing all of these components together not only allows us to offer better power and performance but a much higher level of serviceability.

Our intention is to make the incredible power that the LT4 produces feel natural inside a vehicle originally intended to be a farm truck.  We have re-engineered the suspension to include custom tuned coil-overs, hydraulic bump stops and high flex 4-link suspension all designed around your specific driving style for optimal performance on and off road.

As for the Dynatrac axles, they have been carefully designed for better steering and handling. They also offer greater ground clearance and are overbuilt to handle just about anything.  Front, rear and center limited slip locking differentials. The result…smooth, automatic engagement to optimize torque bias and deliver maximum vehicle acceleration and handling under any driving condition.

Our goal at HIMALAYA is to truly reimagine the Defender by reengineering the vehicle to include the most modern technology on the market. 



True to their roots, our Defenders undergo a painstaking nut to bolt restoration with no detail overlooked.  These Defenders are fully restored to HIMALAYA standards at our UK facility, just down the road from the birthplace of Land Rover.

Built to stock specifications with modern upgrades, a Defender by HIMALAYA will be fitted with an original fully rebuilt 200Tdi or Land Rover V8 engine with manual transmission.  Everything on these vehicles is either new or fully rebuilt with fit and finish far better than Land Rover ever intended.

Modern upgrades include:  

  • Larger disc brake package to increase braking performance.
  • Fully Dynamated to insulated the vehicle better from road noise and engine heat.
  • Custom Exmoor interior 
  • Modern audio that integrates seamlessly with any smart phone. 
  • Engine tuning for more modern highway driving.
  • Air conditioning  
  • Billet aluminum door handles and hinges 

A Defender by HIMALAYA stays true to the heritage of the vehicle but offers a higher level of performance, comfort and reliability that is expected in a modern vehicle.