Arles Blue - NAS 90 - New Whale Street, Nantucket - Circa 1994.  That is where it began for me. 

There she was – casually parallel parked. I stopped and just had to stare.  Later that day, that evening, the next day, I just could not shake the vision from my mind.  The perfect amount of right angles, the right roll cage, tires, wheels and stance.  She just looked like she could go absolutely anywhere and, I wanted to go for a ride and see if I could get it stuck (and unstuck!)! 

Ever since then, every Defender I have driven past has brought “that feeling” back fresh in my head and my heart.  The heritage and the tradition that embroidered, defined and emboldened the English Empire, wrapped up in one very special truck.  Even grander, Defenders’ heritage arguably defined what the very first motorized vehicle looked like for generations of people throughout the world. 

Our goal, to capture the unique heritage of the Land Rover Defender, the storied and proven tradition and the innate yearning for adventure that it encourages and is built into every vehicle. 

While being ultimately respectful of the history, we seamlessly integrate the modern touches that enhance drivability, reliability and performance.  Absolutely nothing is overlooked and nothing is compromised in a vehicle that retains its classic styling but, can go anywhere, reliably and in comfort. 

At HIMALAYA we make the ultimate Defender for the modern era.  We create DRIVABLE AUTOMOTIVE ARTWORK for the most discerning and appreciative guardians of this iconic vehicle. 

Do we share the same dream? 

James W. Shondel