Classically restored with a modern twist...

True to their roots, these Defenders undergo a painstaking nut and bolt restoration with no detail overlooked.  Fully restored to HIMALAYA standards at our UK facility just down the road from the birthplace of Land Rover.  Born in England, restored in England and delivered to the North America market. 

Sourced from around the world each vehicle we start with is hand selected for its original components and condition.  Starting with the chassis, each component on these vehicles is either replaced or reconditioned. 

This 1992 Defender 110 fit with Land Rover's classic 200 TDI engine and LT77 5 speed manual transmission is a prime example of the Defender's timeless testament to automotive excellence. While Defender enthusiasts and motor-heads alike have come to appreciate the truck's ability to drive to the end of the world and back, stateside consumers were only treated to 3 years of production in the US. Today, with tough EPA and DHS restrictions, getting a used Defender into America is hard to do, and to get a new one is almost impossible.

This is the closest thing you will find to a 'new' Defender. Can fit up to 9 passengers and will a be joy for the driver and passengers for years to come! With a completely overhauled Land Rover 200 TDI engine, drivers get the experience of driving a Defender with the comfort and reliability of a new vehicle. No aspect of the full frame off restoration process has been overlooked as each part has been meticulously restored or replaced with new genuine Land Rover parts, everything down to the wipers. This truck has had all panels and door skins replaced. Brand new interior including heated Exmoor leather seats and new headliner. Sound proofing and Dynamat on all surfaces. New fuel system, full disc brake conversion, reconditioned wiring and all new air condition system has been installed. 

• 16′′ Black Sawtooth Alloy Wheels 
• Black Wing Top 5 Bar 
• Paint Matched Front Bumper 
• LED Head Lights and Markers 
• Swing Away Tire Carrier 
• Full Vehicle Tint 
• NAS Style Rear Bumper 
• Side Steps 
• Mud Flaps 
• Color Matched Top and Side Mirrors 
• KBX Front Grill 
• Front Steering Guard 

• Custom Heated Exmoor Leather Seats 
• Fully Carpeted 
• Billet Aluminum Handles and Hinges 
• PUMA Style Steering Wheel 
• New Gages 

• New Intake and Exhaust 
• Alpine Touchscreen with bluetooth capabilities 
• Compact Subwoofers 
• Turbo Intercooler 
• Full Disc Brake Conversion

We provide our customers with the modern amenities, drivability and power expected from a new luxury vehicle while staying true to Land Rover's iconic styling.


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  • Body Style: 110
  • Soft Top
  • Drop Gate
  • Dash Style: Defender
  • Hood: Standard
  • Side Steps: Side Steps
  • Front Bumper: Stock
  • Without Winch
  • Rear Bumper: Stock
  • NAS With Hitch
  • Wheels: 16
  • Tires: BFGoodrich
  • A/T KO2
  • Brakes: Stock
  • Disc Brake Conversion
  • Seats: Exmoore
  • Defender
  • Fender Flares: Stock
  • Painted to Match
  • Suspension: Factory Ride Height
  • Engine: Diesel
  • LR 200Tdi
  • Transmission: Manual
  • LT77
  • Exhaust: New Factory
  • Steering Wheel: MOMO
  • Axles: Defender
  • Bar: Wing tops
  • Wing Top 5 Bar
  • Skid Plate Front
  • LED Markers
  • Full Size Spare Body Mount Carrier
  • Heated Seats
  • Paint Matched Side Mirrors
  • Billet Door Handles
  • Billet Door Hinges
  • Window Tint Normal